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How To Multitrack with Multiple MIDI Controllers´┐╝

A reader asked how to get their Roland V-Drums to control a drum track and their MIDI keyboard to control a software instrument track in Logic Pro X. 🥁🎹🤓

The default behavior of software instrument tracks is to listen to all incoming MIDI signals, which can include multiple MIDI controllers. If you want to restrict the communication of your hardware to a specific software instrument track, follow these instructions.

  1. Go to Window > Open MIDI Environment
  2. Shift-Select the instruments you want to control
    If you donÔÇÖt see the software instruments on the current layer, go to the Layer dropdown menu on the upper left of the MIDI Environment window and choose the All Objects layer.
  3. Option-click the Layer dropdown menu and choose the Click & Ports menu.
    The software instruments will now show up as channel strips in the layer.
  4. Drag a cable in the Physical Input object to the Software Instrument you want to control.
    Your MIDI controller will now exclusively control the software instrument.

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